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Sunday, 18 April 2010

I tried!

A 7am start yesterday (17 April) saw the Fishermans Car Park gates locked at Llandegfedd Reservoir so made my way around to the dam to survey the watery landscape there. With hardly a breeze disturbing the water's surface the many pairs of great crested grebe were easy to pick out, and the odd pair of noisy fly over Canada geese punucated a tail end of a dawn chorus dominated by blackbird and chaffinch.

With a continued smattering of white wagtail records from Gwent and neighbouring counties I did my best to turn a female alba into an yarrellii.. Note the dark grey nape and back and greyer flanks all characteristic of pied rather than white. I tried!

Did eventually get back to the business end of the reservoir where a sedge warbler was exercising its lungs from the reedbeds of Green Pool. Elsewhere a female goldeneye and a shelduck were welcome additions.

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