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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Colour ringed Eurasian Mew Gull

A new gull watching location hit the big time yesterday -well for me anyway. Chippenham Sports Ground across the road from Waitrose supermarket in Monmouth was home to a party of around 50 gulls. Within a contingent of fourteen Eurasian mew gull (Larus canus) was this little bejewelled beauty that happily tugged at earth worms moving from third man to deep square leg on the cricket pitch. This is my first colour ringed mew gull from the county of vices 35. Given the colour ring starts with J suggests this bird is of Norwegian origin. Lets hope I can get some feedback on this one! 


  1. Nice to get an appreciation of the bird's movements. I'm assuming righthand batsman from the pavilion end?

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