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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Impressive customer service!

My experience of reporting colour ringed birds especially through the BTO website has not been great. No reply is the standard reply - note still waiting for feedback on the Newport Riverfront colour ringed redshank of last winter! Following some preliminary research it appeared that the above coloured ringed mew gull noted in Monmouth earlier this month ( see 6/10/13 posting) was first ringed in Norway. This morning after tracking down the Norway Museum colour ringing web page I updated all necessary data fully expecting to have to wait days, weeks, months for a reply, but to my astonishment I received an instant, yes, instant reply, with the following data:

Ringed on 10-9-2012 as a first calendar year bird (1cy) at Mosvangen Camping, Mosvatnet, Stavanger, Rogaland. Norway.

To date this is, by a long chalk, the most significant colour ringed bird gull I have found. 

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