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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

What is being constructed at Ynys y fro Reservoir?

Called into Ynys y fro reservoir today but didn't venture around the lower lake due to level of construction work. What is going on? Looks like a large glass fronted building.

Moderate numbers of waterfowl on the upper lake including c130 coot, 2 little grebe, 50+ pochard, 22 tufted duck, 2 mute swan, and a female goldeneye.

Gulls were also plentiful, congregating on the frozen sections of both parts of the reservoir. Once again an adult black headed gull was clocked sporting some 'bling', probably of foreign origin.

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  1. Re planning application bang slap next to Ynys-y-Fro, it's all on the superinterhighwaywebthingy:

    Application No: 09/0801
    Applicant: SCOTT BROWNRIGG
    06/1347 Erection of a replacement single dwelling, studio and car port. Granted with Conditions

    One of the conditions appears to have been that the new building would be no greater in height than the original property. I'd say the jury's out on that one.

    The case officer is Vicky E Williams 01633 232655, presumably she'd be the person to ask what measures were taken to ensure that the adjacent SNCI won't be subjected to additional disturbance either during or after construction.

    Dog-walker rumour has it that the chap who lives at the top of the lane is building it for his daughter.


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