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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

What is this?

Came across these blobs of jelly in the middle of a meadow at Llandegfedd Reservoir recently. But what are they? To me the jelly looks like undeveloped frog spawn. Any ideas?


  1. I would agree with you there Steve.I was down Silent Valley the other day and there was Frogspawn in a small pool there.Right next to it on the path was the stuff you have here.

  2. Its Pwdr sêr :)

  3. Just like to add, these can also be from frog spawn vomited back up by Herons or possibly other predators...

  4. Likely to have been coughed up by a Heron. Herons sometimes eat female frogs that are full of spawn. The gelatinous material is vomited up as it is of no nutritional value.
    Alternatively, it could be ectoplasm left after a paranormal event!

  5. Some say this is Star Jelly an association with meteorite activity we have examples of finds on Divis Mouintain above Belfast

  6. Saw some of this at Tirpentwys LNR a couple of weeks ago on and below the fence at the top end.

    Heard frogs in the pond up there this morning at 6.30am too.


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