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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Bohemian waxwing then and now

A few days leave (use 'um or lose 'um) and today was shopping day. First stop was a visit to Next Clearance on the Mendalgief Retail Park in Newport, scene of a much watched party of waxwing some weeks ago. Who was it that told me that a hapless security guard misread the presence of birders with cameras and long lenses for visiting paparazzi on a mission to photograph an Oscar nominated celeb dropping in on Pets at Home for some doggy chocs?

From Newport we made our way to Chepstow. On the approach to the town we paused in traffic just long enough to witness a party of c20 waxwing fly from north to south over the road and adjacent Texaco garage into the heart of the housing estate beyond. This sighting suggests birds reported from the same area around the beginning of the year are still around. Just goes to show even on a shopping jolly there's things to see.

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  1. Good news to hear that there are still Waxwings around in South Wales as I have yet to see any!

    Adam @ My Life Outside


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