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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Jumping on the band wagon

A before six start enabled a dual visit to Garn Lakes Local Nature Reserve and the Mile Pond. Cuckoo was in fine voice at both localities along with whitethroat, skylark, meadow pipit and reed bunting.  Although I did manage to detect the distinctive call of a stonechat  from the lower slopes of the Coity my feeling is they are generally less plentiful than previous years - possibly a symptom of the prevoius hard winter. Other notables include a pair of tufted duck and a tatty peacock butterfly.

On my return from Mile Pond however I noted recognition at long last of our natural heritage via the naming of the above coal wagon after one of the valley's premier nature reserves. I'm dreaming again!

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  1. I think you're right about stonechat. I've noticed fewer pairs on Penyrheol common this year. I saw a few whinchat just above Cwm Lickey pond yesterday. I guess the strategy of long distance migration over residency definitely proved worth it this year. L


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