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Friday, 15 October 2010

Mystery bird revealed

A visit to the Cwmbran boating lake today and sure enough the mystery bird was still present, this time in slightly more colourful plumage than previously. So I can now reveal that I haven't a clue what it is. Its clearly some mallard hybrid but the challenge is pinning down the other species. Can anyone help?

Also at the lake today, 16 Canada goose, 2 mute swan, 100 + mallard and a black headed gull sporting a BTO type metal ring. Bread-throw-photo, maybe tomorrow.


  1. Mallard x 'Call Duck'. Should have an interesting sounding 'quack'.

  2. Yes does have an interesting quack and yes there's a fair bit of call duck in the bird. Its been good for bringing the mallard in.

  3. That was a bit naughty, mallard/gadwall cross perhaps.

  4. Eh? No, really, it's a Mallard x 'Call Duck' (the cute little [usually] white guys with the ridiculously loud quack for such a small duck).


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