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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Mystery caterpillar and this is serious!

Yes I know it's dramatic but I'm keen to confirm the identity of the above caterpillar. I had a stab at it a while ago and narrowed it down to a moth that has only been recorded locally on the odd occasion, but can't remember its name. So can any one help? It was taken when sweep netting an area of cotton grass near Blaenavon during August 2009. Gold star to anyone with the answer!


  1. I believe this is Red Sword-grass (Xylena vetusta)...

  2. Looks a bit like a Deep-brown Dart (Aporophyla lutulenta).What was its size?

  3. Yes, just checked out the Norfolk Moths site and does look Deep-brown dart. Thanks

  4. I do see where you are coming from with Deep-brown dart, but i do believe this is a pale green form of Red-sword grass.


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