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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Island biogeography

Presented myself at Llandegfedd Reservoir's North end gate at 9.30 this morning only to find it double padlocked. Hung around until 10.30 admiring the frosty scene but the gate remained firmly chained. Slightly irritated I moved on to The Island near Usk.

Must say it made a nice change to have a wander along the banks of the River Usk Special Area of Conservation (SAC). Birds on show included 5 goosander, 4 little grebe, a single moorhen, half a dozen mallard and a great spotted woodpecker.


  1. saterday afternoon i thought i would enjoy a nice afternoon stroll around green pool but couldnt get in as the gates were double locked at 2:15Pm.Try getting in to Ynysyfros bottom pond.You will find that there is 3 padlocks.1 a combination lock and 2 more that my key wont fit.We also had to pay for the privilage.

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