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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Ten minutes or so

The last time I visited Tredegar House Lake I left flat and underwhelmed. But just as the appearance of a yankee warbler proves, things turn up anyplace, anytime. So motivated by a report of a drake smew I persuaded my wife that 'calling in'  for 10 minutes en route shopping was hardly a sacrifice.

First up was a small raft of black headed gull containing, eh, blacked headed gulls. A subsequent count of wildfowl was mildly pleasing with 20+ coot, 10 moorhen, three little grebe, two mute swan, two tufted duck and three statuesque cormorant. By now I was over my allotted time and very wet so back to the car it was but not before another quick check of the gull raft that had markedly increased. This time an adult winter Mediterranean gull popped in to my field of vision. Ten minutes or so of satisfying birding - I left overwhelmed.


  1. Given the angle on the rear edge of that gular patch, that bird looks good for sinensis. Of course, the white filoplumes are extensive too, not that that is always dependable when it comes to this sort of thing.

  2. Yes had crossed my mind when first clapped eyes on it. I'll now need do a bit of research. If its as you suggest i'll post in due course. Thanks Steve

  3. Another observer has a couple of shots of this bird. Looks fine.

  4. What an amazing shot, and at a great angle!

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