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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Up on the roof - the follow up.

On opening my front door this sunny Sunday morning I caught sight of a hummingbird hawk moth as is flew powerfully by, only to alight on an hyacinth in full flower window box glory. It promises to be a good year for this moth and all your sightings should be uploaded onto the the Butterfly Conservation website - mine is! 

Onward to Brynmawr in an effort to track down that colour ringed lesser black backed gull on factory roof. Approaching the town centre I was greeted by a six strong team of Community Payback 'volunteers'  busily de-mossing a blockstone roundabout. Manual labour and a lecture on the fruiting bodies of rare urban bryophytes in the context of compliance with the NERC duty - that should teach the lads they'll think twice before re- offending now.

Back to the gulls and I wasn't able to set eyes on the target bird so had a quick round robin of the nearby lakes. Nothing much to report but the usual assemblage of pre breeding wildfowl.


  1. I feel it is a little harsh for you to criticise Blaenau Gwent's CSO's like you have. I would imagine any citizen of Gwent would be shocked at the amount of work these officers undertake to make our streets safer.

  2. Point taken, no offence intended it was a somewhat clumsy and ill judged 'tongue in cheek' attempt at social observation. No way would I wish to critise the hard work of CSO's and I certainly wouldn't have the bootle to turn out on weekends to deal with drunken louts etc.


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