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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Eyes to the right

Up early with the intention of getting out for some local naturalising but slipped back into a coma when confronted with the prospect of a cold, wet and windy excursion. This gives me to opportunity to look back over some of the birds photographed in less inhospitable climes recently.

It was noticed during my 'drifting off' periods whilst others were slapping on the factor 15 and lying back to relax, that some of the ornithological delights I approached to immortalise on celluloid would often remain motionless but with head turned toward me but in an upward position as displayed by the turnstone but less in the greenshank and Kentish plover. It seems, and not surprisingly I suppose, that the birds were keeping a beady eye on an pale, middle aged, northern European holiday maker with a long lens to ensure he didn't pose too much of a threat. When I get my act together I'll dig out my bird behaviour books and have a read. In the meantime the wind is howling and despite the call of a singing blackcap somewhere just beyond my back garden I can't raise the motivation to go out - hope I'm not brewing an illness!

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