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Friday, 9 November 2012

Taking the piscivore

I sense there's a new generation of Gwent goosander that's becoming that little bit more confiding. Contrast those distant birds at Llandegfedd and Garnlydan Reservoirs with this immature bird at Cwmbran Boating Lake, approachable down to three or four metres (shock, horror!). A one off you may think, but remember the summer bird loafing about on a sandy spit on the River Monnow in the centre of Monmouth? This bird too was oblivious to the proximity of homo sapiens in the form of a troop of portly middle aged Morris dancers shaking their jingly bells and beating their wooden sticks. A slightly worrying trend given the hostility a brewing amongst the hunting, fishing, good loving man brigade.


  1. Good to see Goosanders becoming more approachable. This should make them far easier to shoot when the Government (UK and Welsh) authorises a cull.
    Now, if only we could train Ospreys,Cormorants and Kingfishers to be just as tame!!!

    1. Sir Rupert Throssington-Pillock12 November 2012 at 11:58

      Here-Here!! I agree totally. These blighters are eating far too many fish and not leaving enough for us country-loving types to kill.
      The memsahib and I can't wait to go out and bag a few---shame we don't know what they look like! Still, if we shoot everything that moves, it should stand us in good stead--What!!


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