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Saturday, 8 December 2012

The National Trust's seasonal mix

 The National Trust's Tredegar House Lake was rich in avian biomass but middling on the species richness curve. A substantial flock of circa 400 black headed gull contained nothing different save for a single herring gull. A small party of around four cormorant were flighty and seven little grebe hoovered up the minnows before a cull is called. Otherwise there were up to 30 coot a handful of moorhen, two heron and a single tufted duck.

On return my birding attire promoted a comment from two gentleman 'are you here for the French bird?' Somehow Coco Chanel rather than a hoopoe sprang to mind.


  1. cracking pic's Steve love the Heron.

  2. Thanks Dawson - by the way the photo on the GOS website of the ringed cormorant, did you maanage to read the ring and where was its taken?

  3. No Steve I'll have to start trying to read them I know how important it is, the pic was taken up Penyfan pond there were two of them there and not much else.

  4. Sir Jonty Pewles-Blaggitt20 December 2012 at 08:21

    So this is what the scoundrels who eat our fish look like! I'll be taking copies of these pictures out with me on the weekend when my wife Volumnia and I go out with the guns!


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