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Friday, 20 September 2013

Reading - Newport - Cork

Some of you may remember the colour ringed black headed gull in the July 16th posting. Having got around to reporting the bird via the Cotswold Water Park ringing project I've now recieved a response. Thanks to Tim Ball for the swift turnaround of information. Details as follows: 

26/06/2011   Ringed as pullus (1) at Lea Farm, Gravel Pit, Hurst (Wokingham)
16/07/2013   Ring read in field at Tredegar House Lake, Newport
21/07/2013   Ring read in field at Dunkettle, Cork Harbour, Eire

Its seems well etablished that many southern England black headed gulls move in a westerly direction after breeding. It is interesting that just five days after my sighting this bird was in southern Ireland.

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