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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Just hangin' about

I've never really bought in the whole twitching thing, as rushing around the country looking at ship assisted birds that wouldn't have otherwise found their way to our shores is just fundamentally unsustainable. However I'm sometimes tempted to get involved if its local and the Newport Wetlands penduline tit was just about local enough for me.

On arrival I felt reasonably confident the bird that had performed for three days in a stand of reedmace just outside the visitor centre would once again show well. How I was mistaken! I therefore joined about 100+ birders in a vigil of just hangin' about. After an hour of mind numbing inactivity I came to my senses and left with only a pair of stonechat to trouble the pages of the now infamousValleyNaturalist field note book, but underscored with, 'twitching what's the point'!

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