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Saturday, 8 February 2014


Cwmbran Boating Lake was a watery world of rushing river and murky ponds. The lake itself was pepper -potted with bird life, up to 75 black headed gull, 3 herring gull, 17 Canada goose, 6 coot, 8 moorhen and a water rail that was at home on the weather beaten wreckage of a floating island. This kingfisher, displaced from the nearby Afon Llwyd took advantage of the minnows trapped in the kiddies paddling pool, tree hopping to secure the best vantage point from which to exercise its pinpoint attack.


  1. That's a cracking pic Steve did he take much stalking?

  2. No not much. Noticed it in a tree close to the paddling pool and I just carefully made my way to within camera range and bingo!


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