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Monday, 23 June 2014

Heading east

Dropped down into the Usk Valley for some true country walking in rye grass dominated fields beside the River Usk at Llanwenarth. It was not long before my way was barred by a horse and several immovable tail swishing cows.This had me scrambling down a bank onto the pebble dominated river margin. It was not long before I pick up the call of a common sandpiper actively feeding on the extensive shoal deposited along this part of the river. The soft sandy banks provided nesting opportunities for sand martin with two separate colonies noted. A couple of heron dropped in and a kingfisher and grey wagtail flew past.

Insects were is little thin on the ground and in the air. A stand of nettle edged with thistle supported a number of small tortoiseshell and a fly past red admiral. On the return journey I chased a male clouded yellow through a field until it alighted long enough for a photo. Twelve or more male banded demoiselle danced among riparian herbage.  

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