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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Wrong choice

As I approached Brynmawr it became evident that heading north this morning was something of a mistake. At no time during my entire two hour visit to the lakes of north west Gwent did the fog lift beyond 20 metre visibility.

At Bryn Bach Park the freezing fog rendered the walkaways almost inaccessible with ice as I tried to pick out the wildfowl from the gloom. Birds in view included a couple of great crested grebe, 9 goosander, 4 pochard, a single cormorant, 4 Canada goose and good numbers of coot, mallard and tufted duck. The rather confiding female shovelar was still present came close enough to show its pink plastic coiled ring.

At Beaufort Ponds thankfully a modest gathering of wildfowl were close in, including 4 mute swan, 26 wigeon, 3 pochard, a single female goosander and 5 tufted duck.

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