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Monday, 4 May 2015

IDCD + 1

A day late I know, but yesterday was a wash out so I did my bit for International Dawn Chorus Day (IDCD) this morning. A 6.15am start at the railway cutting on the edge of Waunafon Bog was greeted by a man was a greyhound followed quickly by a reeling grasshopper warbler. Into the cutting and the ram-shackled boundary fencing was just the ticket for scolding food carrying stonechat of which there were three pairs along it's length. A distant lapwing called from its breeding site yonder hillside as well as a cuckoo, reed bunting and a number of linnet. Among the stands of molinia was plenty of evidence of fox activity, including feeding areas with abundant bird feathers and patch marking scats.

A quick end of walk visit to the conservation lake at Garn Lakes Local Nature Reserve (LNR) turned in a couple of coot, a male tufted duck and a single Canada goose.

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