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Monday, 1 May 2017

Twitter for Gwent bird news ( #gwentbirds )

Most of Gwent's birders, beyond the beginner stage that is, now use Twitter as the primarily source of sharing bird information, by adopting the hashtag #gwentbirds. This is where I picked up news of the ring ouzel found by Craig Constance at The British recently. Next day I was up early for a walk around my lapsed local patch hoping to find my own ring ouzel. A couple of blackbird flying along the upland fringe were double checked for that tell tale white crescent, but as hard as I try I couldn't turn any into the target species. Nonetheless plenty of other species were on offer including singles of wood warbler, greenfinch and whitethroat. There were many singing tree pipit, males of stonechat and reed bunting at lease two pair of wheatear and two cuckoo. 


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