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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Magor Marsh

The prospect of a variable damselfly and an unsual longhorn beetle was sufficent motivation for the drive to Magor Marsh last Saturday afternoon.Nice to see some young families using the reserve and a digiscoper photographing I know not what from the hide.

Mistletoe often resides in tall trees, out of reach to a naturalist with a sweep net. But there are some more accessible clumps on the reserve that I adjatated with my net. This produced several examples of the mistletoe bug Pinalitus viscicola.

Cetti's warbler, reed warbler and reed bunting could all be heard as I weaved my way over the snaking boardwalks to the meadow beyond. Here there were many blue damselflies but none could be made into a variable. Botanically it was nice to record a few saw wort specimens along with marsh ragwort. One of the many bird boxes was home to a triving nest of tree bumblebee.

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