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Sunday, 31 January 2010

If you go down to the woods today...........

Had a wander around my local patch today. Lasgarn Wood near Abersychan is a special place for me its where I cut my ornithological teeth as a kid. Birding and nest finding there probably isn't a part of this ancient woodland I haven't explored. Apart from its natural heritage its also steeped in industrial and agricultrial artefacts from shallow limestone workings, tramroads to drystone walls. And not surprisingly for an ancient wood some fine specimens of beech trees. On a day when birds were few are far between other things tend to catch the naturalist eye. Bryophytes ( mosses and liverworts) for example are widespread yet difficult to identify but the tree trunk dwelling Metzgeria furcata is one- with a bit of practice- thats not too hard to sort out. On the bird front the mature larch was providing ideal feeding siskin, goldfinch and three crossbill.

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