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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Silence is golden - unless you have tinnitus.

In the absence of birds this blog is turning out to be something of a collection of 'arty farty' photographs of assorted waterbodies in Gwentland. Todays excursion was to Pant-yr-eos Reservoir slap bang on the border of Torfaen and Celtic Manor City Council. Last time I was here was back in late summer 09 when the water level was low exposing a margin of mud, fishing line and Fosters cans but with some interesting bryophytes to boot. This time b****r all, alone on a crisp winters morning with nothing to keep me entertained but the constant background crackle of my tinnitus. Alright I maybe going over the top, there was the odd blackbird and dunnock in early spring song but for waterbirds eight tufted duck and six mallard was just about the long and short of it. Its not that Pant -yr - eos is a Micky Mouse place either with past records of black necked grebe, little egret and other notables its one of those places that could and will turn up something worth writing about in due course. But in the meantine savour my recent addition to 'Around Gwent a Photographic Essay' with some tufties thrown in for good measure.


  1. Do you still have your Tufty Club badge?
    I don't think this comment is as witty or abstruse as my one to your Estonian seagull, but I am trying very hard. I saw black-throated diver today, and crested tit (in Speyside), Med gull, 6 slav grebes and a host of seaduck in Fife on Saturday, on a long weekend south to see my Mum. Not as relaxing as Pant-yr-Eos, but good fun all the same - and nice to catch up with Orcadian absentees like tits, great-spot, bullfinch, stock dove and dipper.

  2. No Tufty Club badge but i've got a YOC one! Once again nice selection of birds.



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