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Sunday, 23 January 2011

I knew that bit of Halifax bomber fuselage would come in handy

Waunafon bog is drying out, now more grassland than wetland due to some very effective drainage work alongside the pit road. So with the bog snorkeling cancelled I went in search of short-eared owl pellets.

I've collected pellets at this spot before as the aforementioned vole munchers seem keen on the fence posts that surround the wreckage of the Halifax bomber that was lost in the bog way back when. A bit of hands and knees searching amongst the molinia and assorted aviation memorabilia delivered the goods. The images above show a small handful of indigestible bits both intact, and teased apart to reveal various mammal bits and pieces. Thanks to Halifax bomber fuselage for proving the backdrop.

1 comment:

  1. Nice one Steve.I havent seen them use those fenceposts in a while now but came across a couple of pellets on the patch of Heather on the Brynmawr side of the road.They havent dried out yet so are yet to be broken down.


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