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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sods law

A recent lunchtime sortie to Cwmbran Boating Lake was unremarkable but for a  few goosander and a cormorant. However in with a group of eight Canada goose was one that was discernibly smaller with a darker breast and dusky white facial markings. It wasn't until I did a touch of web research did I realise this bird may have been one of the many subspecies doing the rounds. The best match appears Taverners Canada goose and in this respect note a bird recorded from Llangorse last year. So the aim today was 'get back down there' and take some pictures. And yes you guessed it there were only seven geese on the lake today with the target bird nowhere to be seen.

As compensation there were upwards of 25 waxwing stripping the now rapidly depleting berries in Cwmbran.


  1. Hi Steve

    Check out the weekendbirder blog for the 11th May 2010 posting. Was it anything like that?


  2. Nice find on the Canada Goose. I'll have to have a closer look at our flocks in case it pops up down here.

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