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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Around the back of beyond and back

It's little wonder I have to frequently re-tune my TV if those bloody ravens drop their sticks in amongst the transmitter paraphernalia. Contact Cameron and ask for raven to be added to the Big Society cull along with badgers, moles, wasps, polecats, goosanders and cormorants.  And while I've got the ear of the coalition leader how about relaxing the Wildlife and Countryside Act to allow residents to beat the living daylights out of those messy house martin nests or redeploy redundant public sector workers to fell trees blocking the reception of Sky subscribers. Yes, lets get the economy moving with some real green initiatives.

Mynydd Garn Clochdy supports one of the best upland habitat mosaics in Gwent with an ornithological history of some note. This morning I accessed this hillside via the trademans entrance taking in some lovely early morning views of the bollocksed agricultural landscape of the Usk Valley and beyond. Birds on offer included a flyover swallow, singing tree pipit, redstart and linnet with a distant cuckoo.

There's still not a great deal to see on the botanical front in the uplands at the moment although bilberry is starting to flower, but root around and you will find something to get on your knees for such as this field wood rush ( Luzula campestris ).

Also popped into Garn Lakes LNR to have a look at the newly planted reedbed and in the process flushed three snipe. On the top lake was a sitting Canada goose, four pair of coot, a pair of moorhen, two pair of tufted duck and a single little grebe.

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