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Friday, 8 April 2011

Construction underway

The Afon Lwyd in Cwmbran was a total joy today, no shopping trolleys, or trees festooned with bog roll just the trickle of water, bird song and the crackle of Japanesse knotweed bursting forth from its winter riverside slumber. On the invert front brimstone, orange tip and red admiral fluttered by, but the most interesting buzzy thing doing the rounds was a strong colony of the plasterer bee (Colletes daviesanus). This is a solitary bee that digs a nest chamber in friable soil and about 50+ of these  bees were doing just that alongside the river. According to the National Biodiversity Network website and akin to most things entomological in Watsonian vice county 35, there is only one other county record.

It wasn't just bees that were building the new riverside sand martin banks appear to be attracting the attention of the target hirundine.

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