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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Any ol' patch will do

Myathropa florea

Out for less than three quarters of an hour and look what I bagged. At this time of year there's an overwhelming amount of wildlife to watch, record and photograph. On this occasion I found patch of ox eye daisy waited and  photographed. Less than 10 metres from my car, so no strenuous walking or the need for army fatigues and jack boots to yomp miles across rugged terrain to access wildlife its there all around us and accessible.

There are well over 250 species of hoverfly in Britain and as usual the vice county hardly features on the distribution maps. There must have been 10 species or more visiting this patch of wildflowers. Its so easy to record so bloody well get out there and put this forgotten corner of Wales on the recording map!

Eristalis horticola

 Eristalis intricarius

Eristalis tenex

Volucella pellucens

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