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Monday, 2 May 2011


There's been some cyber blog space devoted to suppressing recently so I thought it high time I came clean about my own suppressing activities. Last week I was surprised to find this roosting on my outside light. Now I debated the merits of going live with the news and the possible little earner derived from charging a fiver to view from the kitchen window, but having a queue of birders stretching down the road just wouldn't cut the mustard with the neighbours. So I'm rather ashamed to say I kept the news to myself and immediate family only, but for a visit from a Springwatch camera team.  Now with the mega tick moved on ( to Chepstow or Neath ) I can safely announce to all and sundry, and apologies to all Gwent/Glamorgan twitchers for keeping mum -watch forthcoming Springwatch for report. Full description will be submitted to rarities panel in due course with follow up article in next years Gwent Bird Report.

Now I know what you're thinking he's been working too hard of late and needs a holiday or even professional help. My neighbour asked how I was keeping after he saw me positioning the cooking ingredient and taking a photograph of it, he quickly retreated into his house locking the door behind him.!   

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