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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

At risk of being tedious

I know its a bit tedious to have yet more images of the now infamous Cwmbran Boating Lake Mediterranean gull but I just can't help it. But this is nothing compared to the real tedium of the number of short eared owl images on the South Wales Birding blog, that's overkill! 

The bird today was spending most of its time picking at a dead fish on one of the floating islands - note the fish scales on its bill.  A passer by was taken a back by my gull attention complaining that they spoilt the lake but soon walked off when I expressed my affection for 'seagulls'.

Also on the lake was a single male goosander, two moorhen, a single coot, a pair of mute swan, 16 Canada goose  and many mallard and black headed gull.


  1. I like the first image, the second looks a tad soft. some sharpening and a tighter crop would suit it down to the ground.
    Lovely bird though !!!

  2. Nothing tedious in having shots of a Gwent Med Gull!! Nice one Chris


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