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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Heath snail ?

According to National Biodiversity Network the heath snail (Helicella itala) isn't  present in the vice county of Monmouthshire. A specialist of limestone grassland I felt this mollusc was a good bet for the  quarries that pock mark the eastern margin of the south Wales coalfield from the Clydath to Pontypool.

The shallow quarry at Cwm Lasgarn near Abersychan with its limestone spoil was the venue for today's naturalist excursion. The snail wasn't difficult find, turn a few stones and there is was numerous and widespread. All specimens collected were dead and somewhat bleached with others coated in brown soil.

Bird wise, siskin and lesser redpoll were plentiful in the larch plantation that encircle the quarry. Three flypast fieldfare was the only other noteworthy record.


  1. Not to sure of myself here, as i've only seen H. itala once in Stackpole to compare.

    Have you ruled out Candidula intersecta?

    Regards Chris...

  2. Thanks Chris I'll double check. You maybe right I'm more than happy to be corrected as thats the only way to develop knowledge. I did compare with a number of guides but these indivduals are not as strongly marked as some illustrations.


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