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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Macro mind, micro moth

Micro moths are often tricky things to identify accurately so when presented with an unfamiliar species you can right off a good couple of hours searching websites and pawing over field guides before arriving at a name, and even then you may not be entirely confident of your choice. This happened to me at the weekend when I found this little micro moth whilst beating around the Lasgarn wood. An half hearted internet attempt fitted around domestic chores had me settling on bright strip (Phylloporia bistrigella) but just to be certain an email to Sam Bosanquet (County Micro Moth Recorder) was in order. Sam's amazing encyclopedic knowledge of all things small and difficult put me straight, it is in fact Micropterix aruncella. This error won't stop me continuing to have a stab at micro's and with the soon to be published new field guide to micro moths hopefully they will become a little more accessible to the general naturalist in the future.


  1. My book arrived earlier this week! Not to disagree with SDSB, but it looks more like the pic of Micropterix aureatella to me!

  2. Thanks Chris - interesting, the book is clearly a useful new tool.

  3. Lasgarn Woods...what a fantastic place!


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