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Sunday, 8 July 2012


Interestingly Bubbles the colour ringed mute swan seemingly moved purposefully across Dunlop Semtex Pond to preen within the recent detergent discharge of a nearby business. I've reported this effluent to the Environment Agency on at least a couple of occasions but nothing changes. By contrast I noted a recent BBC Wales News item on very same issue but on the Nedern Brook in Caldicot whereby an EA officer, quite rightly, waxed lyrical about the biological impact of detergents. The frustrating thing is I know which business this detergent is coming from!

The roof top lesser black backed/herring gull colony opposite Asda is now as busy and noisy as ever with many young birds joining the throng. Given the extent of gull colour ringing in and around the Severn Estuary these days it was almost odds on a ringed bird would turn up. This adult presented itself  in mid roof area and allowed for a number of pics with both my Sigma 300mm and 500mm lenses. By the time I got my scope in position to read the number it dropped out of sight only to reappear very briefly and only just enough to read the letter L as part of the inscription. Unfortunately none of the download pics were sharp enough to help with the full sequence.



  1. The response to pollution is fairly Typical of the E.A. in my experience.
    I,m surprised that the owners of the pond haven't kicked up a fuss

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