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Monday, 23 July 2012

I'm back....again!

A:D the Bristol ringed lesser black-backed gull is back doing the rounds in the Maesglas Retail Park car park in Newport for at least the third consecutive year. Showing well especially if you have some spare grub.


  1. Hey Steve, Not a gull related comment but a beetle one. Not sure of its status in Gwent (probably common) but I found the remains of what I think was a Lesser Stag Beete down at Newport Wetlands last week. Sorry about just leaving a comment but couldn't find an email. Also I ringed a few Canada Geese at bryn bach last week and a Mallard. Thought you might like to know in case you spot a few new rings on the wildfowl.

  2. Hi Luke - not seen a lesser stag beetle in Gwent. May be worth up loading your record to the SEWBReC website. Have seen at least two Canada geese at BBP with rings but earlier in the Spring. Good to hear from you Steve.


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