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Sunday, 27 January 2013

I couldn't wait any longer

With the list of 'no reply' colour ringed birds reported through the BTO website growing with every new sighting, my patience has finally run out. The colour ringed black headed gull noted from Cwmbran Boating Lake last week had a very similar number combination to another BHG from Tredegar House Lake on 25 August 2012 so after a touch of research I decided that bypassing the BTO was in order. Consequently an email to John Wells of the Cotswold Water Park Ringing Group was greeted with a positive response within six hours! So here it goes.

1. White colour ring on right leg 29A1. 25 August 2012 Tredegar House Lake.
    Ringed on 16 June 2011 at Cokes Pit, Somerford Keyes, Gloucestershire.

2. White colour ring on left leg 2P14. 21 January 2013 Cwmbran Boating Lake.
    Ringed on 24 June 2009 at Farmoor Reservoir, Oxfordshire.

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