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Monday, 21 January 2013

Ice maidens

Another 40 minute lunchtime sandwich break at the Boating Lake today turned in 100+ assorted gulls all standing proud on ice. No sign of the med gull today but a half dozen or so common gull were still present along with a single herring gull and 3 or 4 lesser black backs. However the vast majority of those birds were black headed gull with this one carrying white colour ring 2P14. Answers as to its origin on a postcard please!

Also kicking about was a single rather threatening mute swan, 12 Canada goose, 5 coot, 6 moorhen and many mallard.


  1. Hi Steve
    for info Herring Gull blue 784 was present on Sun 20th Jan. Also 2 Water Rail on the man made islands.

    Chris Jones

  2. Thanks Chris - water rail is an excellent record not seen them at this site.


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