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Thursday, 6 June 2013

The lepidoptera of Blaenserchan

Pyrausta purpuralis

Dingy skipper

Common blue

Dichrorampha petiverella
A evening in the brownfield ruggedness of the Blaenserchan valley where reclamation by nature is far more impressive than anything attempted by hairy arsed engineers. Invertebrates and plants were top of my shopping list and it wasn't long before the infamous naturalist notebook with fresh page headed '4 June 2013 Blaenserchan' was collecting names in true Gilbert White style. Early instar meadow grasshopper was followed by small heath, burnet companion, hairy tare and common blue.  

Into the heart of the valley where birds foot trefoil dominates the sparsely vegetated spoils is where the dingy skipper flies and the green tiger beetle runs. A cuckoo calling in the distance and a singing garden warbler were the ornithological stars of poor show of avian entertainment. Tricky drab coloured micro moths were disturbed from the depths of the grassland habitat as I kicked through it with gay abandon. A Pyrausta purpuralis proved less of an identification challenge along the distinctively marked Dichrorampha petiverella. I feared the worst when trying to track down the recently discovered stags-horn clubmoss took longer than expected to relocate. A passing bare chested dog walker allowed his greyhound to follow me some distance sniffing at my heels before calling for it's to return. I then missed a freshly layed tread filling dog dropping by a whisker!

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