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Thursday, 27 June 2013

161 not out!

An evenings scramble around Coity Pond, Blaenavon was full of valley naturalist delights. First up was a record busting count of fruiting moonwort. In a small area of partly vegetated coal spoil I chalked up a total of 161, but many more could have been added if I hadn't been clock watching.

On reaching the wetland I was greeted by a pair of tufted duck which eventually took flight towards the northern end of the pond producing some interesting vocalisations on the way. I looked for the fir clubmoss located last year (or was it the year before?) and was successful in relocating.

A female mallard with five chicks was disturbed from a hiding place amongst waterside rush  provoking the adult into a flapping feigning frenzy. Other assorted birds included a male stonechat, distant calling peregrine and a reeling grasshopper warbler. On the issue of grasshopper warbler I remember a statement on Springwatch a couple of weeks ago that reeling had now ceased. Sorry Springwatch this is not my experience as I have  recorded reeling as late as mid July.  


  1. Thanks for this post. As a result of it I have been up to Coity pond myself for the first time, and loved it. found the moonwort too, another first for me.

    Now I have to get you to show me where the clubmoss is. Mike Kilner.

  2. Thanks Mike. Pleased you found the moonwort. Happy to show you the fir clubmoss, just let me know when you're available.



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