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Wednesday, 3 July 2013


There's something about the Glastonbury Festival that doesn't cut the mustard with me anymore. Gone is the ripped jeans and Afghan coat wearing free festival of my youth to be replaced by the commercial success of chart topping artists with vintage cabaret acts thrown in to attract empty nesters with disposal income. Looking at this years line up I struggled to see anything worthy of the ticket prices other than Billy Bragg who single handedly kept the Trotsky Stage going with the support the miners, down with Thatcher, smash the poll tax mantra. Give me Download any day!

However, the Glastonbury affect was felt in the Valley Naturalist household as to allow our daughter and her partner to attend this mud fest we agreed to look after our two year old Grand daughter over the extended weekend. This was great but it did limit biological recording activities to drive by snap shots and duck feeding visits. I now fully appreciate the trauma endured by young mums and grand parents in cleaning  Canada goose droppings from within the tyre treads of a push chair!

A collective of ad hoc records goes something like this:

28 June. Llantarnam Ponds - Common blue, azure, blue tailed and large red damselfies.
28 June. Cwmbran Boating Lake - Blue tailed, azure and beautiful demoiselle damselflies
29 June. Magor Car Park - Lucerne and white stonecrop.
29 June. Magor Marsh - Emperor dragonfly 
30 June - Garn Lakes - Broad bodied chaser (3)
1 July - Llantarnam Industrial Estate - Narrow-bordered five spot burnet moth and the bee mimic hoverfly Volucella bombylans var. plumata 

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