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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Also known as (aka).

A bit of shopping in Brynmawr and a visit to Lakeside aka Dunlop Semtex Pond with a hope of photographing a water rail was the order of the day. Overnight snow and freezing temperatures ment all visited waterbodies were largely frozen. Parc Nant Waun aka Machine Pond was home to a handful of common coot aka coot, a single great crested grebe and four common snipe aka snipe. Both herring and lesser black backed gulls were plentiful many taking up pre breeding season positions on the factory roofs near Walmart aka Asda.  Next week maybe a trip to Gwent Levels Wetland Reserve aka Newport Wetlands.

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  1. Great crested grebe aka mega-rarity up here. I even got texted about one in the autumn (after the text about the Sandhill crane and before the text on the red-eyed vireo and yellow-billed cuckoo). I saw an otter today, and a bearded seal at the weekend, so I am still keeping myself amused. I saw hen harrier cross the road on both the drive home and the drive to work today (but hen harriers are regular here - otters are hell to see).


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