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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Holy mosses.

Motivated by recent reports of Bewick's Swan in the Usk Valley, Llangibby Bottom was todays chosen venue. Checking the OS map I was struck by the lack of public footpaths in the area so it came of little surprise to be confronted by barbed wire, locked gates and 'Keep Out' signage barring my way. Slighty crest fallen I returned to take in Llangibby Churchyard and the African club moss as compensation.

A native of south Africa, the Canary Islands and the Azores its now found its way around the world. In New Zealand its now causing a bit of a problem as only invasive non natives can. Thanks to Sam Bosanquet Monmouthshire's bryopyhte recorder for first finding and reporting this species in the very same churchyard a few years ago.

On to Ponthir Reservoir and Cwmbran Boating Lake where Black Headed Gulls  in varying stages of summer plumage were the only entertainment. 

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  1. Lovely picture of the club-moss. I should've twitched that one before I went up north.


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