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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Toyota Prius.

Tour de force of a number of waterbodies in the Brynmawr - Ebbw Vale area turned up the usual crop of waterbirds. Machine Pond or as it known today Parc Nant Waun hosted 22 Goosander but it was Bryn Bach Parc that was the most species rich.  Amongst the people, push chairs, dogs and cyclists were seven Mute Swan, 11 Pochard and a similar number of Tufted Duck, 60 Coot, 50 Mallard and small numbers of Black Headed, Herring and Lesser Blacked Backed Gulls.

But it was the flock of about 32 Canada Goose that delivered the most intriging bird of the day. A hybrid Canada Goose x Grey Lag Goose gave smashing views. Not sure if one of these mixed up birds has been recorded in Gwentland before but checking the web it seems they're frequent in the London Parks.


  1. I may have got this completely wrong but does this site belong to in infamous Steve Williams of Abersychan fame - if true its probably been about 30 years (ouch that hurts) since we last met up. I am Phil Birch - but that will only mean something to you if you are Steve Williams. Anyway here goes......

  2. Yes! you have the right person and Phil it's absolutely brilliant to hear from you. What are you doing looking at sad birding/natural history blogs?

  3. Hi Steve - here's the story - taking the family to Wales v Scotland on Saturday so checked out the Gwent Ornithological Society sightings site (in case there was anything unusual around) and noticed an entry by SW with a ref to this site. Checked out the site and noticed a ref to Lasgarn Wood etc - and put 2 and 2 together. Drop me an email on and I'll tell you more. Would be good to catch up (after 30 years).

  4. Hi Steve,
    I have vague memories of a Greylag x Canada at Dingestow, where I also had one or two Barnacle x Canada. Can't really remember though. What a beauty :-)
    Sam B


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