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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Japanese knotweed with some woodland plants thrown in for good measure

Not far from downtown valley bottom and within the throwing arm of a decent third man fielder is a very nice limestone quarry. 'Just popping out for half an hour love, be back for the game' was the cry as the front door slammed behind me. Hour and a half later I was back having recorded the continued presence of round leaved wintergreen from within the darker depths of scrub encroachment.  I sometimes think what would be the reaction of a walker coming across me lying flat taking a photograph of some small jobbie on the woodland floor? However, no need to worry no one walks in the countryside anymore too risk averse, think of all those decaying trees just waiting to fall on a passer by and then there's brambles! Oh yes back to round leaved wintergreen, one time rarity now augmented by records from another limestone quarry a couple of miles down valley and one from Newport, so a success story. Also noted some over zealous weed killing that not only targeted the Japanese knotweed on the track leading to the quarry but a further 50 metres of the 'tidying up' of those nasty ancient woodland plants such as dogs mercury, bluebell and wood anemone. 


  1. Ten plants of round-leaved wintergreen coming into flower in the other limestone quarry, despite recent invasions by horses, teenage hordes etc
    I noticed the opposite extreme of JK management on the track under Skew fields bridge and on the edge of Skew fields rugby pitch- JK stands mowed and the cuttings spread over a wide area. I suppose the large stands of JK in the future will provide shelter for the otters... L

  2. Thanks for spotting my deliberate mistake! Yes, JK management appears variable. S


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