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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Room without a view

Just as well birds were scarce at Llandegfedd Reservoir yesterday as this was the view from Green Pool hide - a curtain of phragmites. Now before I open up old wounds with birders complaining about lack of facility management etc.I don't have a problem with this. Lets be honest how many birders actually regularly visit the reservoir these days anyway? Two, three, four, five? Why should reservoir staff invest time into maintenance when so few birders bother to visit. Its the Newport Wetlands effect again folks!

With that off my chest the weather was glorious yesterday evening,  a substantial draw down zone was perfect for ground beetle hunting, but watch those Canada goose droppings! The meadows around the Island were at their summery best with thousands of common spotted and southern marsh orchids, also large skipper, common blue and meadow brown butterflies showing well. Best of all the butterflies on offer was the first marbled white of the year.

Other flying things included black tailed skimmer, emperor and broad bodied chaser dragonflies with common blue, azure and blue tailed damselflies. Oh! nearly forgot the only birds of note were two singing sedge warbler.

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