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Saturday, 3 September 2011

A hint of something better

I'm sometimes struck by a sense of boyish excitement when visiting Llandegfedd Reservoir. This maybe due to a long standing association with the reservoir going back to my teenage days through to many enjoyable years bird ringing at the site, or, more likely the onset of the male menopause. Whatever the cause a little bit of that excitability returned when after what seems to be the longest series of site visits without seeing a passage wader was corrected when I clapped eyes on a single ringed plover today. 

On the popular subject of ring spotting there are now two Canada geese with rings in amongst what was less than fifty birds. As mentioned in a previous posting, ring spotting without the ability to read the numbers is next to worthless. The only crumb of interest is in knowing that the ringed bird will have once been cradled, caressed, teased apart and lovingly examined by the hands of a highly skilled bird ringer- usually male. 

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