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Sunday, 11 September 2011

I must be mad

Got to Garnlydan Reservoir at about 7.15 this morning in anticipation of an early show wryneck. Having withstood several heavy showers and pre frost bite symptoms I left at 8.30 with only a cormorant, great crested grebe and a wheatear to my name. Bryn Bach Park, Beaufort Ponds and Dunlop Semtex Pond were just too wet and windy to bother getting out of the car, nothing to report at any of the sites.

A second mid afternoon visit was a must after a quick check of the GOS sightings page reported the bird showing at 10am. Arrived to be greeted by a small group of birders and the news that the bird had last been seen in the 'rusty fence wire' an hour previously. Despite a steady flow of birders with birders wives/girlfriends/children/dogs in tow I left at 6pm without a sniff of the wryneck. Nonetheless, does seem to be a good year for grassland fungi with good numbers of yellow club fungus everywhere.


  1. Hi Steve.Sorry to say but it turned up after you had left but only briefly.I have put a pic up on Birdguides.

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