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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Barred by livestock

From Beaufort Ponds follow the footpath links under the Heads of the Valleys road then onto Garnlydan Reservoir for a wheatear or two. Well that was the plan until my way was barred by a substantial herd of welsh mountain blacks and number of large galloping horses with a flatulence problem. So with my large livestock phobia well and truly reactivated a quick about turn was in order.

Taking refuge amidst the nicely surfaced paths around the upper and lower Beaufort Ponds wasn't such trial however. Skylark were widespread, a male reed bunting showed well along with the odd chiffchaff. A mute swan that took flight to move between the two ponds brazenly revealed its ring to the massed ranks of dog walkers.

Elsewhere at Dunlop Semtex Pond world domination by the Canada goose continues apace with 17 birds present along with 22 tufted duck, a female pochard and the omnipresent pair of great crested grebe.

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