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Monday, 14 March 2011

Breeding season begins here

It seems the spring like weather has spurred some birds into early nest building. At Bryn Bach Park this evening there were at least two separate great crested grebe nests and a number of coot doing things with bits of vegetation. Nothing much to shout about on the summer visitor front as I'm still awaiting my first chiffchaff, wheatear and sand martin although whilst walking the black labs this morning at Tirpentwys Local Nature Reserve thought I heard a wood warbler - obviously mistaken! Back to Bryn Park and the hybrid greylag x Canada goose was in amongst about 46 Canada's most of which were paired up. Otherwise c40 tufted duck, 5 pochard and a single cormorant. Flying visits to Beaufort Ponds and Dunlop Semtex Pond produced broadly the same wildfowl assemblage but in smaller numbers, the only variable was at Beaufort where there was a pair of mute swan and a calling little grebe.

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